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One of the many amazing organizations we have in our community!!


Check out City Life for more information!

             With Thanksgiving coming up in a few days, I have been reflecting on what I am thankful for. I have to say, over the past year my eyes have been opened to many wonderful people, organizations, and opportunities our community possesses. I am beyond thankful to be a part of this. Unfortunately, for a lot of community members it took 43 homicides to act as a wake up call in how we can better our city. There is not one act, one organization, one person who can change an entire city's mind set & values. However, one act, one organization, or one person can make a difference when we all work together. City Life is the epitome of this. I am blessed and thankful I have a found such a truly inspiring group of people striving to help our city. With community collaborations, focusing on each person & organization's strengths, we can make a difference. We can change our city.

Too Much

Recently, a common phrase among my male teenage clients emerged. “Too much.” For these young men, everything imaginable seems to be too much. At first, it seemed a reasonable response for some of the tasks they were given, since they were never given that much responsibility before. However, when literally […]

Why is CVC Important to Fort Wayne?

As many of you may already know, Fort Wayne is a VERY diverse city. To give you an idea, more than 75 languages are spoken in Fort Wayne Community Schools. “The healthy integration of non-English speaking immigrants and refugees as contributing members of the community” is Crime Victim Care’s community […]