Get Involved

Passionate volunteers make CVC unique!

The opportunities to help CVC help your community are endless! Below are links that will help you get closer to being a valuable member of CVC. Also below are the listed perks of working with CVC.




Perks of Working with/Volunteering/Partnering with CVC



  • Make a positive physical impact in your community
  • Empower others to rise above the challenges they face by being supportive
  • Learn how to communicate in a diverse setting
  • Feel powerful in that you changed somebody’s life for the better


Business Partners

  • CVC can co-sponsor and help out with events with you that benefit the community
  • Gain more networks and business relations through being an active member with cVC
  • CVC can work with you to learn about cultural awareness and diversity within the workplace



  • All monetary donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE
  • The donated money will go directly to people that rely on CVC and that are using CVC’s services
  • Other items can be donated, too: gently-used and clean clothes, gently-used toys, and office and school supplies



  • Build up your college resume
  • Network with CVC’s partners: St. Joseph’s Hospital, Fort Wayne Police Dept., local media, YWCA, and etc.
  • Improve upon skills that you can contribute to CVC
  • Gain interpersonal and technical skill experience

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