Alcohol Addictions Program

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Alcohol Addictions Program

Crime Victim Care supports Alcoholics among immigrant families to go through a culturally and linguistically appropriate AA Support Group which covers topics related to different techniques to stop drinking, mental health issues, loneliness, joblessness, gender and family role reversal, idleness has all contributed to high drinking problems among immigrants. CVC’s AA support group is open to all immigrants and provides the following services:


1. Multicultural Addictions Counseling Six week Substance Abuse and Mental Health Education for Burmese PDF

›2. Education about Drugs

›3. Mentoring

›4. Driving violations and US laws

›5. Social support

›6. Emotional support

›7. Cultural Competency-US laws & Practices

›8. Interpretation and Translation

As immigrants transition from their culture to a new culture, a lot of loss and grief take place. For refugees, it is even more painful because of the many traumatic experiences they have gone through. Many opt to start drinking heavily and doing drugs and soon become addicted. CVC is a place to call at (260)-452-7640 in order to be helped find a community of loving and caring people to mentor you through that tough experience. To read more go to: