Outreach and Awareness Program

CVC is hard at work creating outreach that spreads cultural sensitivity and awareness. Outreach programs are for families, community agencies, and groups that work toward similar goals in increasing cultural awareness and sensitivity. It is our goal to be active in our community so we can help our community understand your story and so you can understand the culture of the community. 


Cultural Competency

CVC aims to bring cultural awareness to the community by providing Cultural Competency Training to local agencies and other organizations that are interested. Such organizations and agencies include police departments, corporations, universities, government agencies, and etc.  CVC understands that there needs to be trust between the two parties: refugees and immigrants & local residents. If you are a part of an organization or agency, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your organization/agency encounter immigrants and refugees on a daily basis?
  • Does your organization/agency know about cultural differences and how this could affect service?
  • Does your organization/agency know how to handle special cases/encounters that involve immigrants and refugees in a respectful manner?

Please contact 260.484.141 ext. 4 or bchakanyuka@cvcin.org


The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma reports an average prevalence rate for trauma among refugees as 33% across existing studies.

If your organization works with refugees, consider a training on how to use a unique tool called the RHS-15 (Refugee Health Screener-15). With only 15 questions, this tool can more easily help individuals see when extra support may be necessary.

Through the Community Support Program, CVC can help individuals receive the support they deserve.

Please contact 260.484.1414 ext. 5 or jcrouch@cvcin.org