Victim Care Program

As well known by many world travelers, understanding a new criminal justice system and its procedures is one of the the most difficult and challenging thing. If you feel that you are a victim of any injustice that has been done to you and have no clue where to start, then you are more than welcome to consult CVC. Going to court, answering questions, filling forms, getting a protective order or even a restraining order is not an easy process when you don’t speak or understand English. CVC walks with immigrant victims in making sure that their needs are met in a professional and timely manner. This is done through interpretation; help with filling forms, court accompaniment, and clarifications.


Protective Orders

If you feel that you are a victim whose life is in danger, then you need a protective order issued from the court system. It may be complex for you to obtain one, but with the help of CVC you can get one. CVC will guide you every step to receive one so that you will be protected from further harm.

Victim Compensation Application and Victim Impact Statement

There is a certain format used when filling out a Victim Impact Statement and Victim Compensation Application that staff of CVC know how to do. If you feel that you need to fill out either or both, then we can help you from the beginning till end.

Referrals to Legal Services

You may need help, but may not have the economic resources to get help. CVC can recommend free legal services to you for the ones that we may not be able to provide for you specifically. Just ask and CVC will gladly provide an agency to help you for free.