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Immigrants & Refugees

* See the Special Collection: Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence.

  • Immigration Relief for Crime Victims: The U Visa Manual PDF (46 p.) by The New York Anti-Trafficking Network (March 2010)
    This manual aims to provide guidance to lawyers on issues that arise in the context of representing U visa applicants. [More Info]
  • Nowhere to Turn? Responding to Partner Violence against Immigrant and Visible Minority Women PDF (51 p.) by Voices of Frontline Workers (2004)
    This paper examines the particular vulnerabilities of immigrant and minority women who have experienced violence by their partners. [More Info]
  • U Visas: Immigration Relief for Victims of Certain Crimes, Frequently Asked Questions HTML (5 p.) DOC (6 p.) by Immigrant Legal Resource Center/ASISTA
    This fact sheet provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about the U Visa, created by the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act of 2000. [More Info]
  • U Visa Fact Sheet PDF (6 p.) by Legal Momentum: Immigrant Women Program (IWP)
    This fact sheet provides information on the U visa, the individuals it covers, procedures, benefits, and the need for certification and who can provide this. [More Info]
  • How to Obtain U Interim Relief: A Brief Manual for Advocates Assisting Immigrant Victims of Crime PDF (59 p.) by Sally Kinoshita, Immigrant Legal Resource Center (2005)
    This manual provides U Visa information for advocates who assist victims of crime, including domestic violence. [More Info]
  • The Facts on Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence: Battered immigrant women face many difficult barriers ASP (12 p.) by Skagit Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
    The following article talks about some of the barriers and challenges that might face immigrant women and refugees who are sexually assaulted. [More Info]
  • Battered Immigrants and U.S. Citizen Spouses PDF (10 p.) by Giselle Aguilar Hass, Nawal Ammar, and Leslye Orloff, Legal Momentum (April 2006)
    This paper reviews and provides data about the dynamics of domestic violence experienced by immigrant women. The authors demonstrate how power and control over the immigration status of an immigrant partner enhances the likelihood and severity of abuse. [More Info]
  • Building Bridges to Stop Violence against Immigrant Women: Effective Strategies & Promising Models for Reaching and Serving Immigrant Women PDF (103 p.) by Voices for Change: Immigrant Women & State Policy, Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, University at Albany (March 2004)
    Developed to share the lessons of two NY regional workshops, this document describes the barriers facing immigrant victims, as well as effective service models and strategies to overcome those barriers. [More Info]
  • Building the Rhythm of Change: Developing Leadership and Improving Services Within the Battered Rural Immigrant Women's Community PDF (53 p.) by Gail Pendleton, Family Violence Prevention Fund (2001)
    This manual provides suggestions and guidance on how to organize a project aimed at improving services and eliminating barriers to safety for battered immigrant women through empowerment. [More Info]
  • Domestic Violence, Immigration & Trafficking Teleconference by National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (September 2004)
    The collection of documents address legislation aimed at both legal and illegal immigrants and its potentially harmful effects on victims of domestic violence and trafficking. The documents also provide additional resources for research and assistance. [More Info]
  • Immigrant Populations as Victims: Toward a Multicultural Criminal Justice System PDF (8 p.) by National Institute of Justice (May 1998)
    This report summarizes findings from a study about the criminal justice system's approach to immigrant victims of crime and barriers that prohibit immigrants from reporting crimes. [More Info]
  • Immigration Issues PDF (2 p.) by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)
    This fact sheet provides legal information for immigrants who identify as LGBT and also those who are HIV-positive. [More Info]
  • Realities for Immigrant Populations: How they Experience the System PDF (19 p.) by Gail Pendleton & Ellen Kemp, ASISTA Immigrant Women's Technical Assistance Project (2006)
    This document describes experiences, barriers, and fears of many immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking when accessing the U.S. civil and criminal justice systems, and provides an overview of the immigration system and laws. [More Info]
  • Safety Plan for Immigrant Women who are Victims of Domestic Violence PDF (11 p.) by Ayuda, Inc.
    This paper outlines safety planning for immigrant domestic violence victims. Information for those planning to leave an abusive relationship, those who have left and preventative measures for those who are not prepared to leave is included. [More Info]
  • Somewhere to Turn: Making Domestic Violence Services Accessible to Battered Immigrant Women - A 'How To' Manual For Battered Women's Advocates and Service Providers PDF (3 p.) HTML by Leslye E. Orloff and Rachael Little, AYUDA, Inc. (May 1999)
    Manual materials are offered to help 'develop individual agency programs and raise general awareness about the particular legal and social service issues affecting battered immigrants.' [More Info]
  • Violence in the Home is a Global Phenomenon: Immigrant and Refugee Power and Control Wheel PDF (1 p.) by Bri Chomilo, Home Free (2002)
    An adaptation of the Power & Control Wheel, this illustration describes abusive tactics that batterers use to control their victims, focusing on how they may be experienced by battered immigrant and refugee women. [More Info]
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